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Oldtimeworld Summer Projects

September 7th, 2011 Comments Off on Oldtimeworld Summer Projects

Our summer projects right up to the heat wave. The boat was $900 at the For Sale at the Antique Boat Show in St Michael’s. I bought the boat from a guy we later decided, Could talk the back legs off a donkey! He towed it to my house! what a wonderful favor! How many guys would bring it over for you?. After a month of part time improvements, we had a blast zooming down the river for 2 hours. It came with a book, containing letters, pictures, a whole history and all the trailer and engine books and receipts for every part. We’re looking forward to going again!

The Olds was from a neighbor right near by, $500.00, the interior is still nice, needing some patching. but it’s been sitting since `86. He said it’s really gone down hill, with me leaving it out. I was very happy to be the one to be able to save it, I spent the whole day last Monday in the heat, blasting the filth off the engine, front suspension and frame. Now the problem is, Too many cars! we’re up to 45 total, Antiquers and regular cars, no place inside for more. Our barn cars get dirty and are subject to mouse attacks. Mice will do anything to get in. That’s all they want! So each year filth and mouse nests to battle. We know we should not get more but love it so much, – do it again the next year again. Then we take our grandchildren out in them.

What is unusual about the boat is that it’s a small racer. Light, Strong and fast! This boat does lots of things! Twenty Five horsepower seems like a lot! I call it the Cracker Box!

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