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What a Wonderful Show!

March 14th, 2011 Comments Off on What a Wonderful Show!

A Participant’s View
By Howard Johnson
Pictures by Cheryl Johnson

This year the back gate was well attended, Steve Izant and the Sea Scouts were there every minute and no one came in without a badge, – EVER.

The flea market was popular with many delightful items at attractive prices. The Field Of Dreams was packed with boats and admirers; thanks to Ray Glen, there were many fine beauties ready for new owners.

Race boats and outboards of all kinds filled the grounds around the tent. Then the opening, by the Sea Scouts. Saluting, Standing at Attention, Raising the flag, Saying the Pledge, – all of us, together, One and all for our country. Then the Star Spangled Banner, belted out by Don Stiles! What a powerful baritone! All the octaves and words, – just right! He certainly is a master singer with that one!

Such a wonderful scene it is for all of us down by the water, surrounded by beautiful boats. Such a fine job the museum does, keeping the place looking great, – year after year. And many improvements making everything  real nice for everyone.

Adirondac Guide Boats are nice. A Pyat Rum drink sure makes things feel smooth. The docks were nicely filled with many show boats of wide variety. Mahogany Varnish, or Painted Lapstrake, different styles all over the grounds. And racing models, even starting explosive engines! We sure had great music thanks to Karla and—-. We liked that song, Boats, by Kenny Chesney. Announcing and great show dialog by lifetime radio man  and yacht afficionado, Danny Wilson.

The floating docks make access to the boats so much better and easier; the maps showing designated locations prevented confusion, all thanks to Chuck Warner, who has been dockmaster for 18 years. He found the right spot for every boat! All the slips were full with the finest vessels one could ever see.

The vendors were great! All the finest treasures ready for enjoyment and not available any where else! Need a hat? Or a shirt, or scrimshaw, marine parts, artwork, or collectables, finishing products or chrome plated hardware. How about ship parts or restoration done on YOUR boat?

What about children making small boats, sailing them on the pool, then taking them home? And the FOOD.  The Susies Kitchen folks put on a wonderful show with their operation, everything was excellent and they seemed to enjoy the whole day, too. The red St Michaels VFD truck efficiently turned out lunch for many.

All those fabulous boats on display around Navy point. Such a nice selection, each one, a desirable beauty, on it’s own. Then, on the sea wall, Sophie, Greta Van Sustren’s fabulous Trumpy, kept up to a phenominal standard by John and Aimee Russell.

Behind them, a huge Chris Craft, pinnicle of achievement, a sensational yacht, and next, the fabulous 1906 Lawley Yacht, 72 ft, Yawl, Witchcraft, Lifelong restoration, by Paul Itsel, who proudly showed it off. He related that people have come forward from all over the world with pictures and silverware serving  pieces and  memories that they had aboard the boat, over the many years. Witchcraft is an example of the finest tradional sailing lines, – ever. Made to sail fast and impress people, – she sure does!

Did you see all those boats out on Navy Point? Looking out onto the Miles River, how could there be a nicer view? The new Recreational Boating building gave a pleasant break from the hot sun, Many favorites on display there. Did you try the new exit through the museum store? They sure have treasures a plenty in there.

We missed the awards banquet, but I hope the weather committee chairman was highly praised! Those cool breezes and clear sunny skies made all three days a wonderful blessing. So we need to say a great big THANK YOU ! to Maryann Fiaschetti and Dominic as well as Dick and Ericka Lowery who handled registration and John Into and Nancy Price who lured all the fabulous venders our way and thanks to all the others that contributed time and effort.  Many people agreed, – We Love This Show!

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