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Restoring the Beauty

September 9th, 2016 Comments Off on Restoring the Beauty

I read once about house painters who graduly were dying in a Massachussetts town from lead and solvent poisoning, just painting and keeping painted, all the peeling buildings in town, – all the buildings in town! I knew I, too, would also go that way, -for me, – because I like restoring boats, – like a drug, I can’t stop restoring old boats, I have to have The fresh varnish back even if it poisons me; even if it’s going to poison me, I will give my life for my work and to keep alive this beauty I know is hidden there, alive. These wonderful boats that our forefathers built. I Find myself again and again bringing back a boat that was lost in filth and abandonment. So as I’ve done all my life, I again, – I clean, sand and color, dry and recoat the varnish on a steady supply of finest US made boats, in the history of the World.

Then these treasures must be kept and displayed so once again, all who love these things can have the pleasure of looking upon them and our fabulous past, – all this once again. So pleasurable, it lifts the spirit, to see it all again, and experience the memories. Oh the great past we once had with all these bautiful things.

These things are the American Treasures of the Golden Years of our lives, and why I have built the American Heritage Museum American Memories and Old Time World, What ever you want to call it.

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