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New Products

November 18th, 2010 Comments Off on New Products

By Howard Percival Johnson Jr.

Try the new Polyurethane glues, by Elmers and others. They have fabulous gap filling properties, dry overnight with gentle clamping and are extremely strong like epoxy but require no mixing. It is easily spread, wets the surface well and foams to fill any cracks. Wax the outside first to aid in removing dried glue, later. The down side is short shelf life so buy the small size and squeeze the air out and store inverted.

Goop Adhesive and Sealant, by Eclectic Products is amazingly strong. It easily fills large cracks and stays put for keeps. You can’t even tear it off with pliers. I have glued engine mounts with this product; use a popsicle stick or a gloved hand to apply.

Paint Over Rust is a stinky paint made with crazy glue (cyanoacrlylate) that holds up better than anything else. I paint battery trays and trailers with it. Wear rubber gloves and cartridge respirator. 800-475-6715.

Polish stainless Steel at home with walter Quick Step polishing equipment, available from Roberts Oxygen. This set is expensive $95. But allows you to polish long items right at home saving awkward shipping problems and possible loss. With practice an angle grinder you can make any stainless part look like chrome.

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